Lensbaby 3G

The Good Locking tilt mechanism; focus ring; aperture range from f/2 through f/22; same wacky selective focus fun as previous Lensbabies'.

The Bad Aperture discs make quick aperture changes difficult, and the focus adjustment is somewhat coarse.

The Bottom Line The third time's the charm for this unique special-effect SLR lens.

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8.5 Overall


Lensbaby 3G (Leica R Mount)
Lensbaby 3G
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Lensbaby 3G

Lensbaby 3G

According to the Lensbabies Web site, inventor Craig Strong started the company in an effort to create a digital equivalent for his trusty Holga film camera. Now, in the lens' third iteration, he has created something infinitely more useful and, in my opinion, more fun than a Holga, and more akin to a tilt-shift lens. Rather accurately, Strong calls the Lensbaby a "selective focus" SLR lens. In practice this means that by moving the front lens element, which is mounted on a plastic bellows, you can blur portions of the image while keeping another area in focus.

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Specs / Prices

  • Brand Lensbaby Inc.
  • Accessory Type Lenses
  • Lens Aperture f/2.0
  • Intended For 35mm SLR, digital SLR
  • Type lens
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Tip of the Day: Instant photo gratification!

Tip of the Day: Instant photo gratification!