Lenovo ThinkPad Stack

Lenovo lines up the ThinkPad Stack for modular PC add-ons

As laptops have gotten smaller, features have been stripped out and some capabilities have been diminished, so your super-slim PC may very well have tinny speakers, a too-small hard drive and limited ports.

Lenovo aims to correct that with its new ThinkPad Stack system, a series of boxy accessories that slot together and offer expanded capabilities for your laptop. These small boxes, each about the size of a portable hard drive, are designed to nestle on top of each other, allowing you to add just the features you need, while maintaining a small desktop footprint.

The initial run of Stack devices include a Bluetooth speaker, a power bank for extra battery life, an access point for sharing your Wi-Fi signal and a 1TB external hard drive. An interlocking pin design passes both power and data through the Stack devices you have set up, so you won't end up with a massive tangle of extra cords.

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