Leapfrog LeapBand

Virtual pet meets fitness band for kids

Scott Stein

Guess who's entered the world of wearable fitness tech? Leapfrog, makers of tablets and other learning toys for young children, have unveiled the LeapBand, a fitness toy for kids. I had a chance to look at one during a press preview, and it's definitely what it looks like: a virtual pet cross-bred with a fitness tracker. And, in a way, that's a really smart idea.

Coming to the US and UK in August for $40 or £30 (Australian availability has not yet been announced), it looks more like a toy than a tool. Not surprising, considering the company's other products.

So, what is it? It's a wrist-worn, chunky plastic pedometer-equipped device, with its own color screen and buttons. The LeapBand recharges and is water-resistant, but the basic idea is that it has its own on-board set of eight virtual pets that can be fed and played with via mini-games. Those games are fueled by physical activities tracked by the band.

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Specs / Prices

  • MSRP $30
  • Brand LeapFrog
  • Product type Kids monitor
  • Protection splashproof
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