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Automate common tasks to save you time

For complex multi-part actions, I would have to get a bit more familiar with some of the commands to manually enter them. For most power users, entering these URL schemes won't be a big deal. But it would be nice to see Launch Center Pro add the ability to combine complex actions through the composer without requiring people to manually enter the rest of the information.

How does it work?
In order to automate actions, Launch Center Pro relies on third-party apps that include URL schemes. URL schemes are nothing more than a technical term for the way Apple requires apps to talk to (and interact with) one another. Items such as text and photos can be passed back and forth through these unique addresses, or the schemes can simply link to a specific screen within an app.

The only problem with relying on URL schemes is Launch Center Pro also relies on both third-party app developers and Apple to continue to support them, both in apps and across iOS. Without support for URL schemes, Launch Center Pro will no longer work.

Sharing actions
After creating an action, you can share it from the edit screen. When you select share, a link for the specific action is created, which can in turn be posted online, or shared via Messages or just about any social network. You can also import actions created and shared by fellow users.

It's important to note that as helpful as sharing actions can be to fellow users, you should be conscious of what information is included in the action you're sharing. While scrolling through Twitter for shared actions, I stumbled upon one that happened to have the phone number of the person's wife in the action. The action itself is a handy one I will use regularly, but he obviously should have edited the phone number out before sharing it publicly. In other words, the sharing features are great, but be careful what you share.

To get you started right away, the Launch Center Pro team posted some of the more useful actions on its Sample Action page.

Launch Center Pro makes it easy to create shortcuts to basic and complex actions with only a couple of taps on your screen. Sure, there's a bit of a learning curve when it comes to creating complex actions, and for some it will be intimidating, but with a little trial and error, and a few visits to the support pages, you'll be up and running in no time. Just be sure to bookmark this support page to refer to when you run into road blocks.

I do have one long-term concern for the app. As I pointed out, Launch Center Pro relies on third-party developers to incorporate URL schemes, and also for Apple to maintain the URL scheme API throughout iOS. If any of the supported developers decides maintaining URL schemes is too much work, or Apple removes them in an update, suddenly your actions will no longer work.

Still, Launch Center Pro is an excellent way to streamline your most common actions on iOS, and with only a little bit of experimentation, you'll be saving yourself a lot of time.

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