LaCie Blade Runner

LaCie unveils Blade Runner external hard drive

LAS VEGAS--Looking for a one-of-a-kind storage device? LaCie has one for you.

The storage vendor unveiled today at CES 2013 a new USB 3.0 external hard drive, called the Blade Runner, that either screams crazy, or shows off as a statement piece, depending on your mood. LaCie says the drive is designed to look more like a piece of art than a storage device. And it indeed doesn't look like any external drives I've seen before.

The Blade Runner comes in a super-rugged all-aluminum body that is squared but not smooth. The body is designed to look like multiple thin blades cutting through a large potato in the middle. At first glance, the drive somewhat resembles a part of a car radiator. Looking closer, nobody can tell what it looks like. And that is the point.

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