Kyocera K312P (MetroPCS) review:

Kyocera K312P (MetroPCS)

Unlike the Cyclops, the K312P's camera tops out a VGA resolution. You can take pictures in three resolutions (640x480, 320x240, and 160x120) and choose from three quality settings. Other features include a multishot mode, three color tones, adjustable white balance and brightness settings, a self-timer, and a night mode. The K312P does not record video. Photo quality was pretty good for a VGA camera though colors were oversaturated.

The K312P offers decent photo quality.

You can personalize the K312P with a variety of color themes, wallpapers, and screensavers. You can download more options form MetroPCS using the WAP 2.0 Web browser. The K312P includes two games: Brick Attack and Race 21.

We tested the K312P in San Francisco using MetroPCS service. Call quality was very good. Audio was sharp and clear and we had no issues with the volume level. Reception was satisfactory as well, and we encountered no interference. Callers were pleased too; some couldn't even tell we were calling from a cell phone. Speakerphone calls and calls to automated calling systems were satisfactory as well.

The Kyocera K312P has a rated of 3.5 hours talk time and 7.5 days standby time. We had a tested talk time of 3 hours and 4 minutes. According to FCC radiation tests the K312P has a digital SAR rating of 1.42 watts per kilogram.

What you'll pay

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