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Kodak EasyShare M1073 IS review: Kodak EasyShare M1073 IS

MSRP: $179.95
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The Good Large screen; USB charger.

The Bad No manual control; frumpy styling.

The Bottom Line Gadgets don't come more anonymous than the Kodak EasyShare M1073. It takes pictures with the minimum of fuss, and not much else. While we have no problem with simple, budget cameras, there's no reason why this can't be achieved with a little flexibility or a dash of panache. At this price it won't let you down, but there's plenty of better cameras out there for comparable cost

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5.5 Overall

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The Kodak EasyShare M1073 IS is a 10.2-megapixel point-and-shoot. We've seen some scorching-hot cameras from Kodak in recent months, but the blocky M1073 doesn't inspire the same kind of love at first sight. We took this £199 snapper for a spin to see if there was more going on under the bonnet.

The M1073 comes in a choice of silver, red, black or pink colours. It's a very plainly styled camera, with a boxy front and a small silver and gold lens ring. One positive note is that the flash is positioned well away from the lens, which cuts down on red-eye.

At the back there's a small mode wheel, which doesn't get all the way round in both directions, and a milled silver clickpad. The screen is a decent-sized 69mm (2.7-inch) LCD. There are dedicated buttons for the flash, menu, playback, delete and sharing. This marks images to print or add email addresses to share later.

We like the charger plug, which has a USB connection so you use the same cable for charging and picture transfer. This cuts down on the need to carry separate leads, and means you can recharge the camera from a computer without the charger.

The M1073 sports a 3x optical zoom, with a 35mm equivalent focal length of 32–96mm, which is around the middle of the compact market in wide angle terms. Optical image stabilisation and digital blur reduction are also included, which is welcome on such a basic snapper. What you don't get is manual control, which is expected, but still frustrating.

The sticker on the front trumpets high-definition stills, but as HD is substantially smaller than 10 megapixels anyway, this really is just marketing hot air. The M1073 only shoots 640×480-pixel VGA video at 15 frames per second, with mono sound and on-camera editing. You can also print contact sheet-like frames from your videos, with a choice of one, four, nine and 16-up prints.

Other features include face detection and the option to combine up to three shots into one with panorama stitch mode. Images can be tagged with sound clips or text tags, which you can enter yourself or select from generic presets. We'd be more inclined to make use of this feature if tagging was easier to find, instead of being buried in the settings menu.

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