Kenu Airframe Plus

Kenu car vent mount grips phablet phones

Editors' note: Parts of this review have been taken from an earlier review of the Kenu Airframe.

The minimally designed Kenu Airframe took advantage of a car's air vents, usually placed within easy reach of the driver, as a mounting point for smartphones. The new Airframe Plus is not much of a stretch, if you will pardon the pun, from the original mount, merely adding about a quarter-inch to the bracket width to accommodate larger phones.

The Airframe Plus consists of an expandable bracket with a four-point rubber grip on the back. At less than an ounce, it's easy to carry around, yet its plastic-and-metal construction give it a solid feel. In black, it will sit unobtrusively on the vents in most cars. Unlike suction-cup mounts, the grip for the Airframe Plus makes this vent mount very small and portable.

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