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JVC XA-F Digital Audio Player review:

JVC XA-F Digital Audio Player

The standard USB and line-in located under a plastic door on the bottom of the unit.

Transferring files to the player was effortless via UMS (drag-and-drop on most operating systems) but did require a bit of patience. Syncing with Windows Media Player 10 was quick and glitch-free. Transfer times were a bit slow, rating about 0.66MB per second, which was lapped by the similar (but cheaper and more recommended) Samsung YP-U2J, rated at 1.2MB per second.

The sound quality for the JVC XA-F series was full bodied and crisp, with nice bass. The player comes with seven built-in EQ settings, one of which is customizable. The line-in recording feature produced accurate and clear recordings, at up to 160Kbps.

All in all, the JVC XA-F series stacks up to be a decent player (that is, it's easy to use, and it has good sound quality) for beginners or those who have limited requirements for their MP3 players. However, an inflated retail price and subpar battery life keep us from recommending it, especially since there are many other basic flash players, such as the 512MB Samsung YP-U2, the 1GB Cowon iAudio U2, the more advanced 1GB Apple iPod Nano, and if you're willing to spend just a bit more, the 2GB SanDisk Sansa e250. The player's simple and intuitive menus, as well as its solid sound quality and battery life, make the XA-F107B an inexpensive alternative for those seeking a basic MP3 player. However, if you're seeking more flash and pizzazz, you might want to look elsewhere.

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