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JBL On Time Micro review:

JBL On Time Micro

Considering the price of the On Time Micro, we expect an ample array of features. Luckily, the speaker does not let us down. The unit includes both FM and AM tuners with the proper antennas for each. You can also set up to seven different alarms, but there are only 10 preset slots for the radio--between AM and FM, we can see this not being enough for some users. The speaker offers an auxiliary line-in port on the backside for connecting the Shuffle or any non-iPod audio source. And, of course, the bottom of the unit features a backup battery compartment (takes three AAAs) which provides some reassurance in the event of a power outage.

Given its relatively compact size, the On Time Micro offers surprisingly good audio, no doubt thanks to the two integrated Phoenix transducers. The speaker also gets shockingly loud; in fact, the lowest volume setting can even seem a bit too loud for quiet settings if the song itself runs loud. Sound quality is the best at low or medium volumes, as music starts to sound a bit hollow at the highest levels.

Playing music at reasonable volumes reveals clean, satisfying audio. Bass is present, but it's slightly anemic, which is not a surprise for an alarm clock unit. Highs are very clear, and Sarah McLachlan's "Angel" sounded lovely and haunting in our tests. Gwen Stefani's "Luxurious" was rich and full, with definition among the mish-mash of instruments. Certainly, most people will find the sound satisfactory, although probably not worth $250.

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