Jabra Clipper (Black) review:

Jabra Clipper (Black)

Sound quality was really good on the whole. Music was vibrant and clear, with rich tones and decent bass. Of course, if you have a pair of really good headphones, the sound quality might be better. You can use the multifunction button to play and pause music, and you can also switch tracks by holding down the volume buttons for a few seconds.

The Clipper is able to switch seamlessly between music and phone calls. When a call comes in, you can press the multifunction button to pause the music and answer the call. When the call ends, the music will resume where it left off.

Call quality was actually pretty decent. There was little difference between when we were using just the phone versus the headset. Sure the audio quality was sometimes muddy and there was the occasional static, but it wasn't distracting. It doesn't handle background noise canceling very well, however. Callers could hear busy crowds around us, and there was little wind noise reduction. Still, we think the Clipper has admirable sound quality for the price.

Other features of the headset include a mobile distance alert. If you wander away from the phone, for example, the Clipper will alert you once you're more than 10 meters or 33 feet away from it. You also get multipoint technology so you can connect it to two devices simultaneously.

The Jabra Clipper has a rated battery life of 6 hours talk or music time, and up to 8 days standby time.

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