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Another detail to consider is the autosensing input feature on the IOGear. The IOGear will automatically switch to an input that it senses a new connection with, eliminating the need to use the remote. Some people like this feature for the convenience, but others prefer manual controls, since occasionally, the device might switch to an active input against your wishes. Your personal preference will ultimately decide whether you want autosensing.

Features     Video Capabilities  
HDMI inputs 4   Passes 1080p/60 Yes
Long cable run Yes   Passes 1080p/24 Yes
Discrete input remote codes Yes   Audio Capabilities  
Average switch time 3.4 seconds   Passes multichannel LPCM Yes
Average switch time (with receiver) 3.0 seconds   Passes Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD Master in bitstream format Yes

The IOGear fared quite well in our testing. Switch times were fast, taking about 3 seconds to change between devices, regardless of whether connected to an AV receiver. It also didn't have a problem when we connected it to a 65-foot HDMI cable, as it still had no issues passing a 1080p video signal with high-resolution audio. It is one of the only HDMI 1.3-certified switches we've tested, so we weren't surprised when it successfully passed Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio signals--though the HDMI version 1.2 switchers we have tested handle this as well.

A caveat to all HDMI switchers--and products with HDMI ports in general--is that we've found frustrating compatibility issues in a variety of scenarios. An HDMI switcher may work perfectly well in one setup and then not work in another setup because of a different combination of home theater components. Because of this, we recommend buying a switcher from a retailer with a solid return policy, as it's impossible to know if it will work flawlessly in your setup ahead of time.

While the IOGear GHDMIAS4 works as advertised, the only detail keeping us from giving it a hands-down recommendation is its price. The $50 Monoprice 5x1 HDMI switcher performs just as well as the IOGear, has an additional port, and costs almost half as much, so only those smitten by the autosensing feature should stick with the IOGear.

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