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iHome ZN9 Clock Radio for Zune review:

iHome ZN9 Clock Radio for Zune

The iHome ZN9 comes bundled with a power adapter, AM radio antenna, and dock adapters for all three Zune models. A remote control can be added for an extra 20 bucks.

We're happy to see the rarely supported AM radio band included on the iHome ZN9, although you may want to hide the unsightly AM antenna behind your headboard. Three buttons on the top of the ZN9 control up to six AM or FM station presets. If you can't stomach your local stations and your Zune music library has grown stale, the ZN9 allows you to route alternative audio sources through its line-input jack.

A Sleep feature on the iHome ZN9 offers a non-narcotic way to drift off to slumberland, scheduling a gradual decrease in volume to occur between 15 to 120 minutes. Your morning alarm also takes a gentle approach to volume, slowly stepping up intensity over the course of 15 seconds.

The iHome ZN9 does not come with a remote control, although you can buy one for an extra $20. Used as an alarm clock, we didn't feel slighted by the lack of a remote. If you plan to use the iHome ZN9 as a Zune speaker system above and beyond waking up in the morning, the extra money may be a worthwhile investment to control your Zune from across the room.

First and foremost, the iHome ZN9 is an alarm clock. If you're looking for a Zune boom box with standout sound, the Altec Lansing M604 is a better option. That said, the iHome ZN9 packs more than enough punch to get you out of bed. Adjustable EQ controls for bass and treble bands offer five degrees of cut and boost, while an switchable 3D stereo specialization effect can widen the ZN9's sonic footprint. People who need a serious sonic assault to rouse them from sleep have the option of routing the iHome ZN9's line output to a home stereo or a set of powered speakers.

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