HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse (Black) review:

HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse (Black)

Setting up the Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse involves nothing more than installing the drivers from the included CD and following the onscreen prompts. There's a brief pairing process, but it only requires pressing a button on the bottom of the mouse once. You need to have your wireless receiver enabled to detect the mouse, but your PC does not need to be connected to a network.

Once we installed the mouse, we had no difficulty maintaining a steady connection. The signal held up when we connected each laptop to the Web over a wireless network, and stayed just as strong while we browsed around and simultaneously downloaded a multigigabyte file. HP promises a 30-foot connection range for the mouse. We found the connection held up when we used it from more than 38 feet away in a large conference room. We were not able to test the battery life, but HP promises the two included alkaline AA batteries will last for nine months.

The Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse involves a few peculiarities. As mentioned, you lose the connection to the mouse if you disable your PC's wireless adapter. That's perhaps not surprising on paper, but it might be if you use the mouse while troubleshooting a network connection. And while we appreciate the mouse's responsive laser sensor, adjusting the sensor's sensitivity requires an awkward, poorly described process of pressing multiple buttons on the mouse simultaneously for 3 seconds to cycle through the various sensitivities. Why HP didn't employ a simple drop-down menu or a slider for selecting the sensitivities in the driver software is a mystery. Also, given the laptops out there without an optical drive, we'd encourage HP to make the mouse drivers available for download in addition to including them on a DVD.

We don't expect the HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse will replace wireless mice that use USB-based RF wireless or Bluetooth connections, but as an alternative for those who need more USB inputs, this mouse makes sense. Just be sure to do your homework before making a purchase, because the connection using non-Windows 7 certified wireless adapters can be frustratingly irregular.

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