HP W2207 review:

HP W2207

Of all our criteria for reviewing displays, performance is the most important, and it's also where the HP w2207 shines. It scored the highest on all of CNET Labs' tests out of every other 22-inch display in its category. Its brightness and contrast ratio ratings in particular were far and away beyond the other screens. On our text test, we found Times New Roman was legible at a 7.5 point font and hard to see when we went down 6.8 points, replicating the end limit we found on HP's last 22-inch LCD. Our only major gripe was the w2207's HD video performance. We tried the Aeon Flux HD DVD (live-action version) and found that the image was decent, but it could've used some fine-tuning as there was a slight lack of sharpness and some streaking and ghosting. That illustrates our point that even though the w2207 is an HDCP-compliant display, we'd still rather watch a movie on a high-definition television.

Service and support
However much we like the overall performance of this monitor, we still think that HP's warranty is weak compared to displays from other vendors. HP backs it with only one year of parts-and-labor coverage. Asus, ViewSonic, and others all provide three years of protection. Still, you can find a variety of support resources on HP's Web site, including drivers, documentation, and the ability to chat with an HP tech.

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CNET Labs DisplayMate tests
(Longer bars indicate better performance)
HP w2207
HP w22

Brightness test
In cd/m2  
HP w2207
HP w22
Note: Measured with the Minolta CA-210.

Contrast ratio
(Longer bars indicate better performance)
HP w2207
HP w22

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