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HP Photosmart D7460 review: HP Photosmart D7460

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The Create option lets you make album pages for a photo album, create panorama prints, print wallet-size and passport photos, and make still prints from your videos. You can play through the video on the screen and stop it at the frame you want printed. Of course, the print quality won't be as good as prints of photos, because video resolution is lower, but it's still a nifty feature.

The Share and Save options both direct you to your PC, where the HP Photosmart Essential software pops up. You can share via HP's Snapfish service or via e-mail. The former is recommended if you're sharing a large number of files, but the latter is fine for a couple of images.

Finally, the Save option lets you transfer images and videos from a memory card or flash drive to your PC. You can't transfer images between a memory card and flash drive, though, as you can on the Epson Stylus R380.

In CNET Labs' test, the HP Photosmart D7460 proved to be fast with text prints, but slow with 4x6 photo prints. It was the fastest at text prints, by far, of comparable photo inkjet printers, with a score of 6.33 pages per minute. Unfortunately, it dropped the ball with 4x6 photo prints, producing only 0.47 of a page per minute, at least three times slower than both the Canon Pixma iP6700D and the Epson Stylus Photo R380.

CNET Labs photo inkjet printer performance (pages per minute)
(Longer bars indicate better performance)
4x6 photo  
Canon Pixma iP6700D
HP Photosmart D7460

The Photosmart D7460 did a decent job with text prints: The black were richly dark, and the characters were well formed, but we noticed wicking problems, even with HP's own inkjet paper. The color graphics print showed the same issues with wicking, though colors looked pretty good, if a little on the dull side. The photo elements were detailed, but we saw some graininess in color blocks. We liked the detail and the way the colors popped in the 4x6 photo prints but were a bit distracted by the graininess we noticed in faces. Overall, the Photosmart D7460's print quality was pretty good, definitely good enough for casual home users who want to print snapshots and the occasional text print.

Service and support
HP backs the Deskjet D4260 with a standard one-year warranty. Toll-free phone support is available 24-7, or you can chat live online with tech support, also 24-7. HP's site has drivers, software downloads, FAQs, and troubleshooting guides, as well.

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