HP Pavilion p6320y review:

HP Pavilion p6320y

Despite our disappointment over the lack of motherboard connections, we still hooked the p6320y up to a standard desktop monitor using a VGA cable and ran full-screen video from sites like YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, and Netflix without interruption. It also played full 1080p HD movie trailers from Apple.com without a glitch. We wouldn't expect otherwise from a $700 desktop, and again, the slim tower Gateway SX2840-01 is a more living-room-friendly PC, but if you intend to watch video on this HP, you shouldn't run into any problems.

To its credit, HP also offers ample potential inside the tower for upgrades in the form of a 16x PCI Express slot for a 3D video card, one 1x PCI Express slot, one standard PCI slot, and room for another hard drive. You can also get more storage with one of HP's proprietary media drives that fit in the expansion bay slot underneath the optical disc drive, but all four memory slots are occupied, so future upgrades will require you to discard at least two sticks.

Annual power consumption costs
HP Pavilion p6320y

Juice box
HP p6320y Average watts per hour
Off 1.23
Sleep 3.47
Idle 81.2
Load 133.1
Raw (annual kWh) 314.703
Energy Star compliant No
Annual power consumption cost $35.72

Out of the five desktops we compared, this HP and another we've reviewed recently cost the most to power annually--$34.91 for the p6310y and $34.75 per year for the p6320y. Compared with the $22 it costs to run the generally faster Asus, it's clear that HP has work to do in terms of power efficiency. You might also not be surprised to learn that neither HP system comes close to Energy Star certification.

HP includes a standard one-year warranty with the Pavilion P6320y, with just enough free support to keep you happy. Also you get 24-7 toll-free phone assistance, a comprehensive list of Web help, including manuals, FAQs, live customer service chat, and driver updates.

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System configurations:
Asus CG5275-AR003
Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit); 3.2GHz Intel Core i5 650; 8GB 1,066MHz DDR3 SDRAM; 32MB(shared) Intel GMA HD integrated graphics chip; 1TB 7,200rpm hard drive

Gateway DX4831-01e
Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit); 2.93GHz Intel Core i3 530; 6GB 1,333MHz DDR3 SDRAM; 32MB Intel GMA HD integrated graphics chip; 1TB, 7,200rpm Western Digital hard drive

Gateway DX4300-15e
Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit); 2.6GHz AMD Phenom II X4 810; 8GB 800MHz DDR2 SDRAM; 256MB ATI Radeon HD 3200 integrated graphics chip; 1TB, 7,200rpm Western Digital hard drive

HP Pavilion p6310y
Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit); 2.8GHz AMD Athlon II X4 630; 6GB 1,066MHz DDR3 SDRAM; 256MB Nvidia nForce 720a; 1TB, 7,200rpm Western Digital hard drive

HP Pavilion p6320y Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit); 2.8GHz AMD Phenom II X4 820; 8GB 1,066MHz DDR3 SDRAM; 256MB (shared) NVIDIA GeForce 9100 integrated graphics chip; 1TB, 7,200rpm Western Digital hard drive

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