HP Officejet 150 Mobile All-in-One review:

HP Officejet 150 Mobile All-in-One

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The Officejet 150's appeal is its versatile connectivity options, and Bluetooth is its latest tool for integration. You can also set it up using a standard USB cord, although it's worth noting that HP doesn't include one in the box. The manual recommends going through the Hardware Wizard to add the 150 as a Bluetooth device, and my experience proves this to be the easiest installation method. Just be sure to keep the driver disc handy so your system can install both at the same time during installation. Frequent jetsetters would also be wise to drag the driver files onto a thumb drive to have them readily accessible on new systems.

The Officejet 150 continues to demonstrate the impressive print speeds of HP's mobile line, with results that compare similarly with the older version. It printed 5.86 pages of text per minute, 2.3 presentation slideshow pages per minute, and just under two full graphic sheets a minute as well for slightly faster metrics over the Officejet 100. I'm also impressed with the lack of latency issues for transferring a file over Bluetooth, in addition to the printer requiring little to no warmup when you switch it on; I imagine this asset will prove useful for print jobs where time is a factor.

The Officejet 150 also deserves praise for qualitative performance. Where I expressed disappointment with its predecessors' inability to produce clean character formations and jagged-free edges, this generation exhibits near laserlike qualities in black text with graphic pages that expose accurate coloration and seamless shading transitions.

My only issue is that the snapshot photo prints on HP's own photo paper lacks the vibrancy I'm used to seeing in HP's desktop printers, but that's likely a symptom of the dual-ink cartridges. Regardless, I wouldn't recommend this printer as a go-to accessory for hard-core digital SLR photographers, and the quality of snapshot photos prints will easily meet the needs of an amateur shooter.

Service and support
HP supports the HP Officejet 150 with a one-year limited warranty. Troubleshooting is also available by phone 24-7 or by e-mail, and the HP Web site also offers a host of services including documentation, drivers downloads and updates, and a list of frequently asked questions.

The addition of the single-sheet scanner and the trendy touch screen don't represent enough design improvements to the previous model to justify the HP Officejet 150's drastic price jump. If you're a traveling business professional shopping for an easy-to-use device to output documents, presentations, or handouts, I recommend the Officejet 100, available for a fraction of the cost.

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