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HP iPaq rx1950 review:

HP iPaq rx1950

The HP iPaq rx1950 is lacking in internal memory, so invest in some memory cards.

For wireless connectivity, the HP iPaq rx1950 comes with integrated Wi-Fi (802.11b) for getting online at home, the office, or at a hot spot. The good news is that the rx1950's connection software is simpler and easier to use than the setup for the iPaq hx2790, but we sometimes had trouble establishing an online connection, requiring a restart. After connecting at home, the office, and a hot spot, we found that the PDA had a Wi-Fi range of just 70 feet, about half that of some competitors. Yet more disappointing than the short Wi-Fi range is the lack of Bluetooth. Similarly priced models, such as the Palm TX and the Dell Axim X51, come with both wireless options, and we would have liked to see the same in the iPaq rx1950.

Despite having one of the slowest clock speeds of a PDA on the market, Samsung's 300MHz processor powers the HP iPaq rx1950 to the head of the class, making it one of the fastest devices of its kind. It may run at 300MHz vs. 624MHz for Intel's XScale PXA270, but raw speed isn't everything, because the rx1950 was faster at synchronizing with a host computer than the bigger and much more expensive HP iPaq hx2790. It can churn through data about as quickly as other Windows Mobile 5 PDAs costing twice as much, regardless of whether it's editing an Excel spreadsheet, reading e-mail, or viewing a presentation. Over the course of a week of daily work, the PDA did extremely well, and unlike many of its competitors, the device never got warm. It played music, video files, and images without delay, but the unit's rudimentary sound system is easily overwhelmed and delivers distorted audio at medium volumes.

Battery life was outstanding. In CNET Labs' tests, where we looped a video clip with all wireless radios off and backlight set to midlevel, the HP iPaq rx1950's 1,100mAh lithium-ion battery lasted for an amazing 9 hours, 40 minutes of constant use. That's nearly double the battery life of either the Dell Axim X51 or the HP iPaq hx4700. If that's not enough, the heavier extended power pack should go for about 15 hours of typical use.

CNET Labs project leader Dong Van Ngo contributed to the performance analysis.

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