HP ep7120 review:

HP ep7120

Despite this projector's 2:3 pull-down and defeatable edge enhancement, we still noticed some jagged lines, particularly with wide-screen source material. Also, when set to maximum zoom, the picture bowed out noticeably--a tell-tale sign of barrel distortion. You're better off placing this HP closer to the screen instead of zooming the lens.

High-definition 720p content looked great. DiscoveryHD's delicately colorful triptychs were practically a window into the more interestingly beautiful places in the world. HDNet's Odyssey 5 more than made up for its lack of plot with highly detailed images.

HP's ep7120 is an attractive, easy-to-use DLP projector that outputs a good-quality image without much fuss. If you'd like to fuss with your projector, Hitachi's LCD-based PJ-TX100 has a full range of user controls, 1,280x720 native resolution, and a black level equal to, or maybe even better than, that of this HP. It also costs a good deal more, however.

Before color temp (20/80) 6,950/6,950K Good
After color temp (20/80) 6,725/6,750K Average
Before grayscale variation +/-150K Good
After grayscale variation +/-36K Average
Overscan 0% Good
Color decoder error: red +5% Good
Color decoder error: green -5% Good
DC restoration No stable pattern Poor
2:3 pull-down, 24fps Y Good
Defeatable edge enhancement Y Good

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