Hisense H8D series

Hisense challenges Vizio with H8D series, budget TVs equipped for better picture quality

You've probably never heard of Hisense TVs, but five years ago had you heard of Vizio?

Today Vizio is one of the top TV brands in the US, a position Chinese giant Hisense aspires to. The company is making another big push at CES this year by introducing a bunch of new TVs under its own brand and that of Sharp, which it acquired in 2015.

The Hisense TVs that have me most intrigued is the H8D series. Available in sizes from 50 to 86 inches, its pricing undercuts Vizio's M series, which earned CNET's Editors' Choice award, and offers my favorite picture-enhancing feature for LCD TVs: full-array local dimming. Hisense won't divulge how many dimming zones the TVs have, and they lack some of the M series extras (like Dolby Vision HDR and a free tablet), but the Hisense H8D still seems like a budget picture quality contender.

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