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Heads Up for iOS review:

Fun game for dinner parties or family events

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At the end of a round, you can see how many cards you got correct and tally up your score. From there you can pass the phone around to see how your friends do. The app also records video of your friends as they try to give you clues, which can be very funny, especially with the active categories. You have the option to share the videos on social networks or just save them for your own enjoyment.

I only found a couple of things about Heads Up that I think could be improved. The game comes with 7 decks of cards, but there are 11 additional decks you can buy through in-app purchase, each for 99 cents. I would prefer if I could get some sort of deal on multiple packs, but as is, if you want a new deck you're going to have to shell out a buck for each one. The other problem is that the game doesn't have a system for keeping track of everyone's score. It's not a big deal to get out a pen and some paper for scoring, but it would be nice if there were a way to add friends' names and have the app keep a tally of the score.

Heads Up a very social game and some of the categories get you off of the couch to act out clues, making for a great party activity. While I haven't tested it yet with a group, it's pretty easy to see how Heads Up could be a lot of fun.

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