Haier 42EP14S review:

Haier 42EP14S

By today's standards, the Haier 42EP14S produced a below-average picture for home theater. We began by attempting to calibrate the panel using the user-menu grayscale control, which is somewhat limited, with only red, green, and blue drive controls available. As a result, we couldn't get the bottom end of the scale dialed in, and when we were done, everything just above black was extremely green (see the geek box). We ended up simply using the Standard color temperature preset since it lacked the greenish hue that the other settings exhibited.

The black-level performance of the 42EP14S was not impressive, and the panel introduced significant false contouring and dancing motes of video noise in dark material.

On the positive side, color decoding was quite good, especially for a budget-priced panel such as this. We were able to turn up the color control and fully saturate the image without losing accuracy in areas such as skin tones.

After calibrating the panel, we watched some scenes from Alien in the standard color temperature, and the darkness of space did appear a bit too blue. Artifacts were also distracting in these dark scenes. Chapter 12 of Seabiscuit looked good with excellent color saturation and fine detail, which tells us the 42EP14S handles bright material much better than dark scenes.

HD material from our DirecTV HD satellite feed looked mostly good, though naturally not as detailed as it would on a higher-resolution panel. A rather dark concert video of Boz Scaggs looked surprisingly good; still, some artifacts were visible.

Before color temp (20/80)7,150/6,600 KAverage
After color temp (20/80)7,450/6,500 KPoor
Before grayscale variation+/- 369 KGood
After grayscale variation+/- 222 KAverage
Color decoder error: red+5%Good
Color decoder error: green0%Good
DC restorationAll patterns stableGood
2:3 pull-down, 24fpsYGood
Defeatable edge enhancementNPoor

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