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Keep track of and share your favorite items with the built-in shopping list. Screenshot by Jaymar Cabebe/CNET

Also accessible from the homepage is Google Shopper's brand-new Sales page, where you can see discounts and deals from local stores, as well as from online retailers. This is a great resource for big-discount holidays like Labor Day and Black Friday, since it aggregates nearby deals in one place. Perhaps in the future we'll even see some tighter integration with Google's daily deals service, Google Offers.

Conscious consumers will be pleased to see that Google Shopper now includes GoodGuide ratings, which indicate on a scale from 1 to 10 whether a product is healthy, safe, and environmentally friendly. While not every product has GoodGuide ratings, for those that do the rating is featured prominently on the product's Details page. Google Shopper even keeps a curated list of GoodGuide-rated products right on its homepage.

While the updated interface is certainly beautiful, I do find its lack of a dedicated Home button incredibly annoying. This means that when browsing deep within a specific category, returning Home can require pressing the back button three, maybe even four times. If you ask me, a Home button should always be right there on the search bar, or at the very least tucked into the menu for an easy jump. It's also worth noting that the app is not optimized for tablets, which means many images turn out grainy on the larger screen.

Overall, Google Shopper offers a slick interface and some nifty new tools like GoodGuide ratings and aggregation of nearby sales and special deals. Even if it does have a few navigational quirks, it's a useful app to have for comparison shopping and research, especially during the holidays. It even provides links out to retailers, so you can make purchases right from your mobile device.

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