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GE puts Monogram on new French-door built-in refrigerator

/ Updated: December 18, 2013 6:34 AM PST

In an effort to keep up with the growing demand for French-door refrigerators, GE has announced an expansion of its Monogram fridge line. Currently, GE sells two Monogram French-door free-standing models -- the $4,699 ZFGP21HZSS and the $4,399 ZFGB21HZSS. Now, GE will add French-door built-in refrigerators to the line-up.

Aside from the fact that built-ins require custom installation and free-standing models don't, what makes these new Monogram French-door built-in fridges special? Well, the fridge portion has two 18-inch-wide doors and a 14.49-cubic-foot capacity. There are four modular shelves and six modular door bins in the fridge that you can adjust as needed -- and two of the bins are gallon-size to fit larger beverage containers. That's handy.


The 6.06-cubic-foot freezer drawer fully extends so you can easily reach that ice cream you hid in the back corner. The ice maker uses GE's water filtration technology and it looks like the ice collects in a tray that's super-easy to access. Also, you can adjust your fresh- and frozen-food temperatures on a digital control panel located inside the fridge along the top panel.


As GE's high-end appliance line, Monogram products are built with materials that surpass the look of traditional stainless steel. That means these fridges will be decked out in tempered glass, fabricated steel, and anodized aluminum. Basically, they outfancy already sophisticated-looking stainless-steel appliances.

GE offers the Monogram line with three different trims: European, Professional, and Custom. The European style is designed to look sleek and minimalist, with handles and instrument panels blending in with the other design elements. The Professional style is more assertive, with larger knobs and dials that mimic the look of a chef's kitchen. The Custom style allows you to "hide" your appliances behind cabinetry and hardware that matches the rest of the room.


This is an entirely aesthetic decision, but European, Professional, and Custom finishes have three different MSRPs. GE's European-style French-door built-in fridge (model #ZIPS360NZ) is priced at $8,599, the Professional-style French-door built-in (model #ZIPP360NZ) is priced at $8,799, and the Custom built-in (model #ZIP360NZ) is priced at $7,499. These fridges will be available at select stores starting in January 2014 and they will be widely available starting in September 2014.

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GE Monogram French door built-in refrigerator ZIP360NZ

Part Number: ZIP360NZ

MSRP: $7,499.00

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  • Refrigerator/Freezer Type French style
  • Special Features Gallon Door Storage