GarageBand for iOS review:

The music creation app that continues to amaze

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With the track view you can add instruments to your song, create loops, or use one of the many premade loops included with GarageBand. Screeshot by Jason Parker/CNET

Once you've been inspired by some of the instruments, you can record a couple of tracks, then look at the track layout section to add or remove tracks, manage track volume, and play with effects like reverb, track panning, and echo. Tracks are laid out horizontally with controls on the left and a graphical representation of your recorded notes on the right. As you become more advanced, you can touch the settings icon in the upper right and use quantization tools to match up complex tracks and cover up your less-than-perfect rhythm. You also can tap a track to create a loop of your own music.

The track screen is also where you'll find GarageBand's prerecorded loops. Once you find something you like by instrument, genre, and other descriptors, just drag and drop the loop onto your track screen to add it to your song. I was able to put together loops and create a great-sounding song without ever playing a note. The cool thing about GarageBand for iOS is that you decide how involved you want to be with the actual music creation process. You can record your real-time playing of an instrument, use a prerecorded loop, or choose to let GarageBand play the instrument while you select the keys.

In the latest version of GarageBand, you can use other music apps at the App Store and record them in your GarageBand tracks via Audiobus ($4.99). With Audiobus installed, you'll be able to choose an input music app, an effects app, and then use GarageBand as your output where you'll record the track. There are several apps available that support Audiobus (listed at the linked site above), which means you'll have a whole new world of sounds to experiment with that you can record using GarageBand's Audio Recorder (microphone).

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There are several different types of instruments to choose from, each with their own unique sounds. Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

With tons of uniquely designed and authentic-sounding instruments, a smart touch interface, and tools that make song creation easy, we think it's a miracle this app is only $4.99. And now with Audiobus support, a virtually infinite range of new sounds are at your disposal to make music. Anyone with even a passing interest in creating music should download GarageBand for iOS. Frankly, I wish I could give it more than five stars for the virtually unlimited song possibilities, ease of use, and excellent touch-screen controls. If you have an iOS device and like music, you should definitely buy this app.

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