Fujifilm XQ1 (Black)

Fujifilm XQ1: The enthusiast compact the XF1 wanted to be?

In addition to having a name that's really hard to type, the Fujifilm XQ1 seems to be an enthusiast-targeted version of the XF1. With a somewhat similar design -- that thankfully eschews the gimmicky extend-lens-to-power-on in favor of a traditional power button -- it's more compact with a higher-class X-Trans II CMOS sensor. While the XF1 remains in the product line at the same manufacturer price, it generally runs about $350 to $400, about $100 less than the XQ1's $500 price tag.

In addition to the new sensor, some upgrades over the XF1 include a higher-resolution LCD with ostensibly improved visibility, Wi-Fi support, and 1080/60p video. The company's X-Trans CMOS II also has an on-sensor phase-detection array, so it should deliver improved autofocus performance as well. The XQ1 incorporates some of the company's more recent technologies, including the faster EXR Processor II and Lens Modulation Optimizer (a fancy name for using lens performance data to improve image sharpness). Unlike the XF1, Fujifilm plans to offer a waterproof housing for the XQ1.

It seems to use the same lens optics as the XF1, which according to reviewer Josh Goldman narrow very quickly from that desirable f1.8 maximum aperture; I suppose if it used the much faster lens that's on the X20, Fujifilm wouldn't have been able to hit that desirable $500 price. However, the XQ1 uses a traditional zoom switch rather than the manual zoom ring that you find on both the XF1 and X20.

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