Flappy Golf review:

Golf has never been so much fun

Incredible amount of content

Flappy Golf uses the same courses from the Stickman Golf games, which have been around since 2010. What this means is you'll be able to flap through 31 different nine-hole courses -- an enormous amount of content when compared with most new games.

Not only is there no shortage of courses, but the wacky, arcade nature of the Stickman Golf series means your courses have unique challenges. Some courses will have sticky walls, while others use magnets to throw you off your path. Many of the courses have you traveling down deep pits, only to come up the other side to guide your ball on to the green. So it's not just the variety of looks in all 31 courses, but also challenges unique to each course that you'll have to learn before you can master them.

It still needs a bit more

It's hard to criticize a free game with so much ready-to-play content, but I still wish Noodlecake Studios brought a bit more from the Stickman Golf franchise. Stickman Golf lets you start turn-based games online where you take your turn, then send it over to a friend so he can take his. Flappy Golf has no multiplayer elements, only letting you complete courses solo, but I think it would really benefit from a multiplayer mode.

What I would especially like to see is another game type from Stickman Golf: Race Mode. In the original, it meant that you were battling with another person simultaneously to get the ball into the hole as fast as possible. It just seems like with the flapping mechanic, it would be incredibly fun (if not totally infuriating -- in a good way) to flap as fast as possible to the hole while your opponent does the same.

Hopefully, if the game takes off, we'll get these features in a future update, but it just seems like such a shame we don't have them now.


Just when you thought the flappy gaming concept was going away, Flappy Golf shows that it is far from dead. Something about it works perfectly in the Stickman Golf setting, and gives you a new reason to explore all the great courses from the Stickman Golf games.

In the end, I think Flappy Golf is a natural fit for Flappy Bird fans, and the abundance of courses certainly doesn't hurt, but added game modes and multiplayer would make it that much better.

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