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Filco Camo Majestouch-2 Mechanical Keyboard review:

Filco Camo Majestouch-2 Mechanical Keyboard

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Filco uses Cherry-branded key switches beneath the caps; they're the same MX Blue switches found in most mechanical keyboards, including the Das Keyboard. The MX Blue included on my test model is the most tactile version of Cherry's switch family. The highlight feature of the switch set is two stages of movement, requiring minimum pressure to actuate.

Filco caters to typists who value customization in their keyboards, so it also offers Cherry MX Black and Cherry MX Brown switches. The colors represent the various stages of switch tactility, so the Browns feel slightly less clicky to touch and are more suitable for enclosed offices where noise is an issue, whereas the Blacks require a little more pressure to engage the mechanism below.

If enraged neighbors in your office aren't a concern, the Cherry MX Blue switches provide the most satisfying clicking sound; some claim it improves typing speed and accuracy because of the return force of the internal spring bouncing against the bottom of the mechanism.

The sound is comparable to that of a high-speed typewriter, and the Blue switch's 2mm actual point and overall 4mm travel distance mean you don't actually need to depress the key all the way to produce a letter on the screen. The sound and the feel require a little getting used to, but users who successfully make the switch to mechanical keyboards aren't typically eager to return to the sludgy feel of modern membrane-based keyboards.

The Filco Camo Majestouch-2 keyboard offers a compact, durable, and customizable option for shoppers looking to break into the world of mechanical keyboards, and I recommend it to people looking to upgrade their input device.

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