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Fetch for iOS review:

A family game with tons to explore

Integral to the adventure are Fetch's many mini-games. Scattered throughout the world are playable arcade-like games that often pertain to the storyline of the game. In one game you need to fend off attacking pirates to get a chest full of gold. You can then use that gold to buy quest items that push you further into the story. The mini-games are mostly pretty simple, but I like the way each of them ties in to the overall story.

Part of what makes this game so charming is the audio. Creepy wind sounds and music accompany you on your journey, and all the sounds including the little boy's grunts as he climbs a rope to the splashes of fish jumping from the water are all very well done.

The one small annoyance I found with the game was in some of the touch interactions. In some cases you'll be touching one thing, but the game will read it as a nearby activation zone, forcing you to go back and try again. It didn't happen that often in my testing, but it's good to know beforehand.

Overall, Fetch is an entertaining adventure for both kids and adults alike, with colorful cartoon-like graphics, an extremely touchable interface full of little items to interact with, and challenging puzzles as you explore the world. If you want to check out a slow-paced, but well-made adventure game, Fetch is a great option.

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