Fan TV

Fan TV is a moonshot to fix the TV experience

Television must be broken, because everyone's trying to fix it.

Fanhattan joined the long list of companies set on "simplifying the TV experience," with its announcement of Fan TV, a small streaming box designed to integrate cable TV, streaming video and DVR recordings through a single interface. The pebblelike box was designed by Yves Behar and includes a buttonless, touch remote that lets you swipe your way through your content.

If the box looks good, the user interface looks even better. The company released several sleek screenshots that are certainly prettier than anything your cable company can offer, while also offering options to watch content on streaming services like Hulu Plus and Redbox Instant. The polished interface and cross-platform capabilities shouldn't be surprising to anyone who has played with Fanhattan's iOS app, which offers a similar ability to search among many online streaming services.

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  • 4years ago

    Fan TV nabs Time Warner Cable support, coming in Q2 for $99

    The upstart set-top box has formed a partnership with Time Warner Cable, allowing it to integrate cable TV and streaming video content into Fan TV's slick user interface.

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