Falcon Pro for Android review:

Top Twitter performer, but missing key features

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Tap a tweet with an embedded YouTube link to watch a video without leaving Falcon's interface Screenshot by Jaymar Cabebe/CNET

But of course, Falcon's interface is made up of more than just the Timeline. Swipe right from the Timeline to see a panel with all of your basic Twitter controls, which let you jump to your profile, following and followers lists, Search, and Settings. There are also links to Mentions, DMs, Retweets, and Favorites. Swipe left from the Timeline to see a panel of shortcuts to your lists, saved searches, world trends, and local trends.

On the top-right of Falcon's interface is the Compose button, which brings up a clean and simple window for tapping out your own tweets. The interface makes it easy to attach existing photos or new ones, as well as add location tags to your tweets. One thing that's missing, however, is an autocomplete function. To me, this is a significant omission. When tweeting from a mobile device, I typically rely heavily on the autocomplete function for mentioning friends, as it not only makes tweeting faster, but it also saves me from having to memorize all of my friends' Twitter handles. Hopefully the feature makes it into future updates.

One great thing about the Compose function is that it can save a draft of a tweet. So, if you get interrupted while typing out your message, the next time you open up the Compose box, your work will still be there. Also, it's worth noting that Falcon uses native Twitter retweets unless you modify the contents of the tweet.

Because of its impressively smooth performance and clean interface, Falcon is one of the best Twitter clients available on Android. It makes it easy to scroll through your Timeline, search for keywords, look up friends, and of course, fire off tweets of your own. That said, it is still missing some key features. The lack of autocomplete is a big deal. Also, it's disappointing that the app doesn't support multiple accounts.

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