Electrolux EFLS617S review:

This cool, uncomplicated washer performs well under pressure

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The feature relies on a third pump to mix the water and the laundry detergent together before they hit your clothes. It sounds simple enough, but the premixed soapy water will distribute more evenly for a more consistent overall clean (check out the video demonstration below). That was our experience, at least.

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Compared with the $1,399 Samsung WF457ARGSWR's 48 percent stain remaining score, the EFLS617S had only 40 percent of its stains left over, on average. That may not sound like a huge leap, but it is in washing-machine land.

When you break down the score by each individual stain, 44 percent of the sebum (skin oil) remained, 50 percent of the carbon (ash) remained, 19 percent of the blood remained, and 45 percent each of the cocoa and red wine remained.

A better stain removal score typically translates to a washer that's a little tougher on clothes. That was true here, too. We measure the number of attached, but frayed fabric strings that are at or over 2 millimeters long after a cleaning cycle. The higher the number, the worse a washer scores in terms of overall wear and tear.

The EFLS617S had an average of 295 attached frayed strings at or over 2 millimeters long -- not great if you're concerned about the lifespan of a favorite shirt. In contrast, the Samsung WF457ARGSWR had a slightly better wear and tear score with only 274 attached frayed strings.

The verdict

With impressive performance, a long list of features, an intuitive display and a reasonable price, Electrolux's $1,099 EFLS617S has a lot going for it. It can combat everything from the red wine stain on your favorite blouse to your kid's cocoa-stained T-shirts -- and more. And it outperformed the pricier Samsung WF457ARGSWR, making this budget-friendly Electrolux washer a superior value that's easy to recommend.

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