Drivemode app for Android

You could use Drivemode for Android while blindfolded, but please don't

Drivemode is a simple app that does one very simple thing. The app for Android phones presents controls for navigation, audio and contacts in a low-distraction "driving mode" overlay with audio prompts and a simple, swipeable interface. OK, so that description makes it sound a bit more complicated than I thought, but it's much easier in execution.

Installation and setup

After installing and launching the app for the first time, Drivemode asks the user to input their favorite destinations (such as home, work, and so on). The user can also select their frequently used audio apps and preferred navigation app.

On subsequent launches, Drivemode will first display a quick launch screen with dropdowns to select from these input presets and preferences. For example, the user can specify that they're heading home and that they want to listen to podcasts on Pocket Casts. With the touch of the large circular Launch button at the bottom of the quick launch screen, Drivemode will, simultaneously, input the home address into Google Maps, start audio playback, and overlay the Drivemode interface.

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