DLO TransDock Deluxe review:

DLO TransDock Deluxe

Another notable addition to the DLO TransDock Deluxe is the inclusion of a full-size USB port on the bottom of the iPod charging cradle. The USB port can be used for charging most USB-compatible devices, such as cell phones, MP3 players, Bluetooth headsets, or even a Sony PSP. If the remote control and USB port weren't enough, a composite video output is also included.

While video output might seem like a strange feature for an in-car iPod dock, those of you with rear-seat entertainment displays will find the option valuable on long road trips. Unfortunately, the video output feature on the TransDock is compatible only with the 5G video iPod at the moment, leaving owners of the iPod Classic, iPod Touch, and third-generation iPod Nano out of the loop.

Despite its many bells and whistles, we found the sound quality of the TransDock's FM transmission about par for the course. With FCC regulations on consumer FM transmitters tighter than ever, there's really not much that manufacturers can do about boosting transmission quality. Fortunately, users with an auxiliary input on their car stereo can route audio from the TransDock's line output for unbeatable sound quality.

Of course, those same users could save the $130 and just plug their iPod directly into their stereo, but then they'd miss out on having a versatile charging dock and remote control. For those of us not lucky enough to be blessed with an iPod-friendly car stereo, the DLO TransDock Deluxe offers a great value and an attractive design.

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