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DLO Nano Fling

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DLO Nano Fling

Quick Take: Users that need to add more bling to their wardrobe will certainly appreciate DLO's newest fashion wristlet Fling case for the Apple iPod Nano. The Fling is a snug bifold case that protects your Nano on all four sides with its thick padded cover. There is a cutout on the bottom for headphones, and a wristlet strap is included in the box. Users can choose between 11 very gaudy colors with electrified names such as Dangerous Pink and Faux Crocodile Tiffany Blue that will undoubtedly draw stares of disbelief from gawking onlookers. Clearly this case was designed with the narcissist in mind because on the underside of the cover is a built-in cosmetic mirror for self-adjustment on the fly. The mirror itself is magnified and very thin, making it impossible to see your entire face in the reflection, even when held at a distance. As such, it's more suited to spot makeup touch-ups and checking your teeth for cleanliness than for staring at your whole, beautiful face. Unfortunately, the plastic sheet that protects the iPod is so thick that the scrollwheel becomes almost unusable.

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  • Color faux crocodile tiffany blue