DLO HomeDock Deluxe (version 1) review:

DLO HomeDock Deluxe (version 1)

Having navigation you can read from the couch is a welcome change, but a few things about using the DLO HomeDock Deluxe irked us. For instance, when you're scrolling through your iPod's long list of artist names, scrolling speeds up automatically after a few screens to help you get to the x's, y's, and z's. That's great, but because there's a slight lag when using the remote, it's almost impossible to stop at the m's and n's. Take your finger off the scroll button, and the HomeDock won't stop scrolling for another half second, leaving you far past the place in the list you wanted. Also, while we like that the HomeDock Deluxe lets you scrub through a song to get to the part you want, the onscreen progress bar doesn't move until you finish scrubbing, so you're never sure where in the song you actually are until you stop. Another bummer is that the onscreen menus don't show album art in audio mode. The HomeDock Deluxe does, however, include three screensavers to prevent screen burn-in: an all-black screen, one showing song information, and a moving DLO logo.

When you're ready to watch some video, you just press the button on the remote's upper-left corner to toggle to that mode. Because the iPod's firmware doesn't allow video menus to be exported, the DLO HomeDock Deluxe can't put a video menu on your TV screen, as it does in audio mode. Instead, you'll need to use your iPod's tiny screen to select photos or videos. You can still use the remote to make selections, but the screen will be hard or even impossible to read if the dock is far from you. Photos and videos display well, and even iPod-formatted movies look decent on a larger screen; they don't have nearly the crispness of DVD but are close to VCR quality.

Of course, before you display your photos and videos, you'll need to select TV-out in your iPod's photo and video settings. Also, you can't simply view photos one by one; you'll need to launch a slide show. To do so, call up a picture on the iPod, then press the remote's Enter button. Mac users: Note that slide shows created in iPhoto don't appear on the iPod, so you'll want to create photo folders instead. Onscreen photos displayed slightly too dark in our testing but still looked acceptable.

The HomeDock Deluxe works with 4G and 5G iPods, iPod Minis, and iPod Nanos. However, Nanos can't export photos and don't handle video, so Nano and Mini owners may want to consider a cheaper option, such as the Kensington Stereo Dock.

The DLO HomeDock Deluxe comes with a 90-day limited warranty. The company Web site includes helpful FAQs on the product page and a downloadable version of the manual. The manual includes an e-mail address for support, but oddly, we couldn't find it on the Web site. There's no support phone number either.

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