Digg for iOS review:

Disappointing, but has potential

Just like with Digg Top Stories, you can swipe or tap any item from your subscription to share, Digg, or save it.

While Digg's controls and visual interface are certainly impressive, make no mistake, this reader does have a number of flaws. On a basic level, it doesn't let you organize your feeds. So, if you want to move a subscription between folders or add a new subscription to an existing folder, you'll have to do so on the Web. In fact, Digg doesn't even let you unsubscribe to sites from the app, which is a shame.

Perhaps my biggest peeve with the reader at this point is that the unread counter doesn't work. I tried enabling it in the settings and even restarted the app, but I have still yet to see any running counters next to my subscriptions. With the reader features so new, I'm assuming this is just a bug that will get fixed soon, but still, it's worth mentioning.

And of course, there a number of other features that would be nice to have like swipe gestures, mark as unread, and search.

While the Digg app, with all its white space and clean typefaces, certainly looks beautiful, there's no question it still has a lot of work to do. The Reader features were a nice addition, but now, the app as a whole feels even more unfinished. Case in point, there's no way to view Popular or Upcoming news stories on Digg.

Also, one thing I noticed is that the app requires you to refresh (with a quick pull-down gesture) to see much of your activity. For instance, if you Digg a couple of stories, then head over to your Diggs folder, they won't show up until you refresh. Or, if you're already on your Diggs page, and you un-Digg an item, it won't disappear until you refresh. I noticed the same issue with the Saved folder, but not as consistently.

All that said, because Digg is a unique sort of news hybrid, and the folks behind it have been openly soliciting and incorporating suggestions from users, I think the app has potential to be fantastic. But until its developers get some of these basic features down, you might want to look elsewhere for an RSS reader.

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