Dell UltraSharp 3008WFP review:

Dell UltraSharp 3008WFP

While the Dell UltraSharpWFP scored high with an 87 in CNET Labs DisplayMate-based test suite, this was not high enough to beat the 90 posted by the Gateway XHD3000 and the Samsung SyncMaster 305t, which we attribute mostly to the way the display handles color.

According to Dell, the display supports 117 percent of the NTSC color gamut, and we found that on our Color Tracking test, which looks for evidence of color within the grayscale, we found more than two occurrences. Also, on the Intensity and Grayscale test, which helps to identify a display's capability to deliver seamless gradation across a full spectrum of gray bars, we found many occurrences of color where there was not supposed to be. So yes, the display has more colors to play with but it seemed that it had a difficult time controlling those colors in our DisplayMate tests. In addition to the color problems in DisplayMate, we saw a noticeable amount of backlight bleed through at the top center of the screen. This occurred while viewing a dark scene in a room with low room lighting. When viewing the same black screen in normal room lighting the bleeding was only slightly less noticeable. Lowering the brightness to very low levels helped, but it was still evident when we looked for it.

When viewing movies we saw the color problems crop up again in particular with some of the presets. The Movie preset allows you to adjust the color saturation and hue, but we could never adjust it to our satisfaction. The colors were oversaturated and inaccurate no matter what adjustments we made in this mode. We found that the best mode for movies was the Cool mode, but even there we noticed an annoying red push. We found it difficult to achieve deep blacks even with the Dynamic Contrast feature turned on. While watching Batman Begins on Blu-ray, the blacks were noticeably much closer to dark grays.

World of Warcraft looked great in the Cool and Warm modes, but not in the Game mode as the colors felt much too overly saturated.

One extra thing we noticed was that the display runs very hot when left on for awhile. In particular, the top back of the display singed my arm a few times.

Testing note: We tested the Dell UltraSharpWFP in the DVI connection and ran it side by side with the other 30-inchers we have available using the Kramer VM-2DVI distribution amplifier.

Brightness (in cd/m2)
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Contrast ratio
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Dell 3008WFP
Dell 3007WFP

DisplayMate performance
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Service and support
For the $2,000 price Dell gives you a three-year limited warranty that covers defects in the display and its peripherals. This also includes a 24-7 toll-free phone technical support as well as technical support through live Web chat. Dell also offers a "Premium Panel Guarantee" that states if any bright pixels are found, the customer will receive a free panel exchange. Although we found the drivers on Dell's Web site with no problem, we found that the links for the manual and user guide were dead at the time this review was written.

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