Canon Pixma iP6700D review:

Canon Pixma iP6700D

Of course, Canon also says that it has updated the print engine to provide faster performance. In our informal tests, we saw results similar to those we got with the iP6600D. Text speed was slow, cranking out approximately 2.9 pages per minute. That's nowhere near what you'd get from a laser printer and less than half as fast as Canon's own MP830 all-in-one. However, photos printed quickly, yielding an average of 1.35 color 4x6 prints per minute.

Photo quality was impressive for a six-color printer. The gamut isn't quite as wide as you'd get from an eight-ink (or more) printer--we noticed that some blues in our photos turned slightly purplish when printed on the iP6700D--but most casual photographers won't complain. Plus, the printer was able to reproduce tons of detail with our photos; even fine, complex details such as the subtle textures of flower petals. Text didn't fare quite as well. As we saw with the iP6600D, black text suffered from bleeding ink, which exacerbated the jaggy look of diagonal lines. Text was still plenty readable, but not as crisp as you'd get from a laser printer.

While it wouldn't be a first choice for home or small offices, which typically have heavy text printing needs, Canon's Pixma iP6700D would make a nice all-purpose printer for most homes, especially if photo printing is a priority.

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