Callpod Fueltank CAFT-0001 review:

Callpod Fueltank CAFT-0001

It takes a respectable 2.5 hours to power the Fueltank using the included AC adapter. Like with the Chargpod, the Fueltank's AC adapter is a bit big, but it fits in the included carrying pouch. You also can use a car charger and the ChargePod to power the Fueltank, but both items are sold separately. An indicator light will let you know the charging status.

We tested the Fueltank with an iPhone 3G, a Motorola i576, and a Creative Zen Vision MP3 player. With all three devices, the charging process began as soon as we connected them to the Fueltank. Over time, the devices charged fully in about the same amount of time as a normal charger. Also, the Fueltank delivered a comparable amount of battery life. Just note that the Fueltank can charge only two devices at a time.

The Fueltank comes with one adapter with a miniUSB connector. Additional adapters are available from Callpod for $9.95 each, and can be used for a wide array of devices including cell phones and smartphones, MP3 players and iPods, digital cameras, GPS units, digital readers, Bluetooth headsets, and portable gaming systems. Check out Callpod's Web site for a full list. You will run up a pricey bill if you intend to use the Fueltank with a lot of devices, but we reckon that it's just about worth it. Yet, it would be nice if Chargepod offered the Fueltank at a bundled price.

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