Box for iOS review:

Secure cloud storage with an intuitive interface

Audio and video files play within the app, giving you all the same sharing and commenting options.

Box handles multipage PDF files extremely well. Thumbnails of the pages are laid out across the bottom of the screen, and you can touch and drag on the thumbnail bar to quickly skip to specific pages. But you also can touch and swipe to turn the pages individually, with a smooth page-turning animation. It's really a neat way to skip around or browse through PDFs. If you don't like the animations or prefer simple swipe browsing, you can always turn off the animations in the settings.

Sharing and security
The main focus of Box is to be your place to store files, but also to be able to share them with individuals or groups securely. Great for a collaborative working environment, you can set up groups and share a project folder, for example, that only the collaborators can see. When sharing files, you can then choose to share with only collaborators or allow public access to the file. The only drawback is that you cannot create groups of collaborators from within the app, so you'll need to set it up at the Box Web site beforehand.

To keep your files more secure, you can password protect both folders and individual files that require a pin to unlock. The app also has options for locking up files automatically when you quit the app, so you don't need to worry about someone picking up your phone and viewing important documents. Even though you might have just been viewing the document, if a person tries to look at it, they will be met with a pin entry screen.

Box is a great cloud storage app that has cool features for browsing and editing documents and gives you a secure way to share your work with an individual or a group. The app is smart in the way it lets you view different types of files, giving you the ideal experience when working with photos, videos, text files, Powerpoint presentations, and even multipage PDFs. Also, the interface couldn't be easier to understand.

Though Box keeps some of the important features exclusive to the Web site, it's the perfect companion for viewing and sharing documents and making quick edits on the go. The current offer of 50 free gigabytes is a generous amount of space that's better than what you get with Dropbox or Google Drive, making this free app a must download if you're looking for a new cloud storage app.

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