Bose Bluetooth Headset review:

Bose Bluetooth Headset

Also on the back of the headset are two LED indicators, one to denote Bluetooth status, and the other to let you know the headset's battery status. The latter flashes red, amber, and green to indicate low, medium, and high battery life.

Even though the Bose Bluetooth headset doesn't have A2DP streaming, it does have multipoint connectivity, which means it can connect to two devices simultaneously. It also has all the usual headset features like answering and ending a call, last number redial, and voice command support.

We paired the Bose Bluetooth headset with the Apple iPhone 4. The headset goes into pairing mode automatically when you first turn it on, so the whole pairing and connecting process was quite painless. Call quality was mixed; on our end, we had no problems hearing our callers. They sounded clear and natural for the most part. However, we did detect a low hum that sometimes distracted us.

Callers could hear us quite well most of the time. We tested the headset in both noisy and quiet environments, and the headset managed to adjust the volume as noise levels changed. However, callers could definitely still detect loud background sound when we were walking along a busy city sidewalk on a rainy day. Also, they reported occasional blips of static that marred the audio quality.

The Bose Bluetooth headset comes with a compact AC adapter, a USB cable, and a soft carrying pouch. It has a rated battery life of 4.5 hours of talk time and 7.3 days of standby time.

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