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Booq Boa Squeeze review:

Booq Boa Squeeze

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These pockets even have additional external elastic outer pockets for water bottles or other gear. This all adds up to a bag that's perfect for gadgets, and we haven't even mentioned that the thick, ergonomic backpack straps both have soft stretch pockets for carrying MP3 players, cell phones, or PDAs. Our iPhone slid in easily and held tight. At 17 inches long by 11.8 inches wide and weighing 2.9 pounds, this is a perfect carry-on laptop bag.

While the Squeeze is best used as a laptop bag, we spent the better part of a week carrying it around with an SLR camera body, books, and other portable gadgets inside. Since the bag doesn't scream "computer carrier," it also feels like a safer way to port around a laptop.

A padded handle on top makes holding the bag when it's not strapped onto your shoulder even easier, although one quibble we did have with the Squeeze is that it doesn't stand up straight on its own--placed on the ground, the Squeeze tips over. A flat bottom might have been an improvement.

All Booq bags come with a limited five-year warranty replacing defects.

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