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BlueAnt T1

One feature that's new to the T1 is that it is now able to download up to 2,000 phonebook contacts, so whenever you get an incoming call from someone you know, it will announce the caller's name. We applaud this feature, but we found that it could stand a bit of tweaking. For example, when we called ourselves, the headset announced "Call from Lee, Nicole" instead of the more common first name, last name protocol. Obviously, this depends on how the headset interprets the names listed on your phone, so your results may vary. Also, we found that the announcement of the caller name was a little softer and quicker than we would like.

We were very pleased with the headsets call quality. The BlueAnt T1 combines the aforementioned physical wind noise guard along with its Wind Armour Technology software that promises to deliver good audio quality even in wind speeds of up to 22 mph. Indeed, when we made a call while sitting in front of a noisy desktop fan, we were surprised that our callers could still hear us quite clearly. They did report hearing some background sound, but it was relatively faint and muffled compared with the sound of our voice.

We also tested the call quality in the real world--in a moving vehicle, and in an outdoor cafe. In both situations, the headset did its job. The BlueAnt T1 has dual microphones and a Voice Isolation Technology, which we thought worked well. We heard our callers with just a little bit of static, while they could hear us very clearly as well. We thought our callers sounded very natural, almost as if they were next to us. Callers, however, did say that our voice sounded rather harsh at times, and as we said, it doesn't block out background sound completely.

Other features of the phone include A2DP streaming so you're able to listen to music, podcasts, and turn-by-turn directions from your phone. It is also able to perform last number redial, and automatic connection and reconnection with your phone. It comes with a USB cable so you're free to upgrade the firmware as well.

The BlueAnt T1 has a rated battery life of 6 hours talk time and 5 days standby time, which is longer than the Q1's battery life.

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