BlueAnt Embrace Stereo Headphones review:

BlueAnt Embrace Stereo Headphones

Last but not least, the integrated in-line mic and remote are designed for use with Android and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) and the remote allows you to control volume as well as jump tracks forward and back by double- or triple-clicking on the call answer/end button. Note: if you have an older iPhone such as the 3G, you won't be able to skip tracks forward and back.

Overall, we enjoyed the neutral sound profile of the Embrace headphones that allows the production qualities to shine, as opposed to the Monster Beats by Dr. Dre that over-emphasize low frequencies and give off a lopsided bass boost. More eclectic music fans and musicians themselves will prefer the Embrace's balanced, even-sounding tones--and by that, we mean they don't overemphasize specific sonic profile.

The bass is deep and well defined, the midrange is clear, transparent, and dynamic, and the treble is not harsh or too bright. In short, these are natural-sounding headphones that are for people who listen to all kinds of music. We're also impressed at their open-air quality that gives the illusion of three-dimensional sound; in other words, melodies don't sound canned or restricted to inside the head.

Make no mistake, the Embrace headphones have a laid-back profile and therefore aren't for everyone. If you like headphones with a more aggressive sound that emphasize more bass, the Embrace probably isn't going to cut it for you. The Bose OE headphones will sound more in line with your tastes.

Despite their excellent sonic qualities, BlueAnt would probably do better to price the Embrace headphones closer to $150 to get a foothold in this very competitive market. However, the extra padding and built-in microphone with track controls are a boon over the $179 Bose OE model, and if you prefer to hear music the way the mixing engineer intended, you won't be disappointed with the Embrace headphones.

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