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Nevertheless, we have a few minor quibbles about Bloglines. For instance, we'd like to see a preview pane that lets you sneak a peek at a blog entry or news item without having to click on a headline; Google Reader and Pluck have this. We also wish the Sub With Bloglines feature were on an IE toolbar for easier access. (By comparison, Firefox, Mozilla/Netscape, and Safari all place the Bloglines button on a toolbar.) And unlike many other newsreaders, Bloglines doesn't let you update subscriptions more than once an hour--although hourly updates are probably fast enough for all but the busiest news sites. Nor does Bloglines support tagging; Rojo does.

Bloglines lets you create instant Clippings of noteworthy stories so that you can comment, post to your Bloglines blog, and share with others.

True to its name, Bloglines offers a decent set of tools for bloggers. You can easily start a public or private Weblog (hosted by Bloglines) by clicking the My Blog tab and entering your username, blog title, and description. Exporting your feeds as a blog roll is a snap. Bloglines lets you post feeds to your blog with just two mouse clicks, or save them to your Clippings folder for later viewing. Unfortunately, Bloglines doesn't support support blogging features if you use a third-party blog host.

For support, Bloglines offers a short page of FAQs to cover the basics. Despite the lack of a searchable knowledge base or user forums, we like that you can access tech support via an e-mail form should you need advice from a person.

Overall, Bloglines is a solid choice for blog addicts and news junkies. Even the greenest of Web surfers can become proficient in Bloglines in about an hour--the mark of solid newsreader.

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