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Belkin WeMo's new Bridge will, at last, let it work with HomeKit

Coming this fall, the Belkin WeMo Bridge will plug into your router and let you control all of your switches and plugs using Siri voice commands.

Coming this fall, the Belkin WeMo Bridge will bring retroactive Apple HomeKit support to all of your existing WeMo gadgets.


Belkin's WeMo lineup of connected plugs and switches will soon support Apple HomeKit, the smart home platform that lets you control compatible gadgets using Siri voice commands. The catch? You'll need to buy a new WeMo Bridge and plug it into your router.

That's still welcome news for WeMo users, especially since the Bridge will bring retroactive HomeKit support to all existing WeMo gadgets. You won't need to buy any new switches or plugs -- just the new Bridge. Pricing and availability is yet to be announced, but Belkin tells us it will arrive by this fall.

Adding HomeKit support fills the most glaring gap in Belkin's otherwise impressive slate of third-party integrations. WeMo Switches were among the first smart home gadgets to take advantage of the free online automation service IFTTT back in 2013. In the years since, it's added support for the Nest Learning Thermostat, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and many more. With HomeKit added to that list, WeMo can rightly call itself one of the smart home's best-connected brands.

The Bridge won't be Belkin's first new WeMo gadget of the year, or even its second. In January, Belkin debuted the new WeMo Mini smart switch and WeMo Dimmer light switch -- the latter of which we're currently testing out at the CNET Smart Home. Expect to see a review of it in the coming days, as well as an update this fall when the WeMo Bridge arrives.

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