Belkin Qode Thin Type Keyboard Case for iPad Air review:

Turn your iPad into a laptop...almost

This Belkin keyboard has the same magnetic, hinged, metal latch as the Logitech case, or Apple's older Smart Covers. It snaps onto the Air quickly. Slotting an Air into a groove in the Thin Type's keyboard stands it up -- either in landscape or portrait mode -- at a decent but non-adjustable angle for cafe typing. Lap typing, not quite so much.

Even better, this accessory autopairs via Bluetooth. There's no 'on' switch, a trend that's growing in keyboard cases, but that the Logitech Ultrathin still lacks.

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Autopair, a sturdy construction, and...the keys. This keyboard's keys are small but not weirdly compressed; they are spaced properly and situated perfectly. And there's even a row of dedicated iOS-related keys on top. Some are essential, like the home button, volume keys, and a shortcut to see all open apps. Others, like three dedicated buttons that I think are for iTunes Radio but didn't work, were downright bizarre. Belkin doesn't offer a help guide. I discovered by trial and error that one takes screenshots.

Typing was comfy, but I had a few more typing errors than on Logitech's stellar keyboard. Maybe I wasn't pressing down hard enough on the keys. So, it's a very good but not great typing experience.

But the Thin Type, overall, is a winner based on design alone. Consider it strongly if you want a premium iPad Air keyboard. It might not trounce Logitech's, but it's awfully close.

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