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Belkin N1 Vision review:

Belkin N1 Vision

The final feature we really liked was the ability to set up protected guest access. The router creates a separate SSID so guests can establish an Internet connection but can't access other locations on your network, such as PCs or network-attached storage drives. This feature also generates a guest password (you can create one yourself or ask the configuration page to generate one for you) that is displayed on the router's LCD for easy reference.

CNET Labs tested the Belkin N1 Vision Router with the N1 Wireless Adapter. The N1 Vision doesn't offer an N-only mode, so we tested it in its default mixed mode. At 10 feet, with only the 11n client connected (no B or G clients, for example), the Belkin clocked 64.10Mbps throughput, among the slowest of the Draft N routers we've tested. At 200 feet, again with only the N client connected, it posted a speed of 23.29Mbps, again on the slow side. Finally, when we introduced an 11g client to the network, the N1 Vision's score dropped significantly to 12.26Mbps (at 10 feet). If speed is your top priority, this is not the router for you.

Note: Throughput in Mbps

Maximum throughput tests with mixed 802.11b/g and Draft N clients (at 10 feet)
(Longer bars indicate better performance)
Note: Throughput in Mbps

Note: Throughput in Mbps measured indoors at 200 feet

Service and support
Belkin backs the N1 Vision router with a generous three-year warranty. Toll-free phone support is available 24-7, or you can fill out a form at Belkin's Web site for e-mail support. The site also offers documentation, downloadable drivers, and FAQs.

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